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Gravlax Caviartm

Photo by Steve Shay  

Gravlax Caviar: This richly flavored, full-bodied caviar is made from Collins pristine salmon roe. The caviar is lightly smoked and seasoned with fresh dill, cracked peppercorns and lemon zest.

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Photo by Steve Shay   

Blissfull Breakfasts: The new Gravlax Caviar takes on double duty for a memorable morning meal: served as a topping for scramebled eggs, the rich cool caviar and sour cream stir into the soft, warm eggs for a rich, multi-layered texture and taste sensation. Accompany the dish with more Gravlax Caviar served simply on traditional Russian Blini (plain or buckwheat), also available from Collins Caviar Company.


Photo by Steve Shay   

Snack Time Anytime Treats: Nothing is more satisfying than caviar for those between meal snacks. (It's healthy stuff; high protein, low calorie and low-fat too!) Try it on fresh raw vegetables, like celery or cucumber rounds. Stuff mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and Belgian endive; really a compliment to the brightly accented, deeply rich caviar.

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