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'Slice of Life' Radio Show

Located in SW Michigan, WRHC-LP 93.5 FM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They feature music and talk shows, and are a not-for-profit organization, so are commercial free. You can find more information on their website:

Rachel's show, 'Slice of Life' airs on Saturday mornings, from 10:30 to 11:00am, Eastern Standard Time. That show is then re-broadcast the following Tuesday at 9:30am. You can listen LIVE, from anywhere, using the Listen Live feature on their website. They are also available on your smartphone, using the Radio-In-Your-Pocket app. The link below tells you about a few more app choices for your phone:

  • Chef Jenny Drilon is one of Harbor Country’s most beloved assets! She has been on the scene for over 2 decades. Her story of how she came to be in the industry shows once again that for some women, it is not a question of “how do I do that”? But simply one of “Why Not?” I’m pleased as punch to call her a friend!
    Slice of Life - Jenny - 2-6-13.MP3
  • If you are interested in the fastest-growing (no pun intended) method of organic, indoor intensive vegetable farming, this is the show for you. Another of our fascinating Harbor Country residents is the founder of several Vertical Farms, one of which is located in downtown New Buffalo, MI. Have a listen to his wild and circuitous route to how he came to be in this very au courante business.
    Slice of Life - Green spirit Farms 2-13-16.MP3
  • We are fortunate to have our very own chapter of the Edible series of printed magazines here in the Michiana version. The indefatigable Paula B. and her associates take care of getting it into our hands. Find out what her Slice of publishing is like!
    Slice of Life - Paula Bartholome 2-20-16.MP3
  • In nearby Michigan City, IN, a new restaurant has taken hold. Owner Mary Koselke, an established restaurateur from Valparaiso IN, has brought her vision to life in the most delicious way. Partnered with Chef Aaron O’Reilly, they bring a new sense of local to their menu. Additionally, their mission to help America’s Veterans through training programs is to be commended. Find out more in the show!
    Slice of Life - Fiddlehead 2-27-16.MP3
  • In Bridgeman MI, a new local favorite restaurant has emerged. The menu is loaded with both American comfort food classics, and some International appeal as well. Chef Jim Tisch’s ‘get-er-done’ outlook on life has served him well, and now, he can serve you well too!
    Lake Street Eats - Slice of Life-3-6-16.MP3
  • What does a professional wine maker do for his second act? Why, raise specialty pigs of course! Right here in Berrien County, we have the rare Mangalitsa breed of pigs by the herd, right in his back yard. Learn about the breed, and what it takes to make a quality product. You can’t get any more local than this! Mike and his wife Michelle are 3rd generation farmers at the 1936 home his grandfather built. Their Slice of Life is one you won’t want to miss hearing about.
    Mike DeSchaaf of 1936 Meadowbrook Farms - Slice of Life-3-12-16.MP3
  • Slice of Life 3-19-16-R.MP3
    Slice of Life 3-19-16-R.MP3
  • Slice of Life 3-26-16.MP3
    Slice of Life 3-26-16.MP3
  • Slice of Life 4-2-16.MP3
    Slice of Life 4-2-16.MP3
  • Slice of Life -Bill Reyolds-4-9-16.MP3
    Slice of Life -Bill Reyolds-4-9-16.MP3


Jackie Scheiwie is a Harbor Country resident and citizen of the world, who owns a gem of a wine shop in Union Pier, Michigan. As Rachel's guest, they discuss many of the food & wine related topics you might guess, including pairing, what's trending now, and how Jackie curates her shop. And as always, you get a little slice of who she is, and how she got to Harbor Country in the first place!

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