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Collins Classic Caviars

whitefish caviar

Whitefish: Great Lakes Whitefish caviar, that is popularly known as 'American Golden.' The roe process into small, crisp, sparkling yellow-gold caviar. Ours is the lowest in salt and has a very fresh, light, clean flavor.

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Salmon caviar

Salmon: The Chinook (King) salmon of the Great Lakes produce large, orange eggs with soft liquid centers. We freeze the skeins of roe in their natural state and make the caviar entirely by hand, fresh to order weekly. Caviar in its purest form; extra low salt berries burst with clean, sweet, natural flavor.

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Bowfin: Known by its Cajun name, Choupique, this archaic freshwater fish produces natural black eggs that resemble sturgeon roe. Ours is very clean with shiny, nicley seperated berries and a lively, distinctive flavor

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Hackleback caviar

Hackleback Sturgeon: Sometimes called Shovlenose and native to the Mississippi- Missouri river system, this beautiful caviar is natural, glistening black with an intense, sweet, nut-like flavor. It is very fresh tasting and lower in salt than other sturgeon caviars.

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paddlefish caviar

Paddlefish: Also called Spoonbills or Spoonies, these fish inhabit the same waters as their sturgeon cousins. Paddlefish caviar comes in may shades of grey: pale to dark steel color through golden brown tones. The texture is smooth and silky and it has a rich, complex flavor quite similar to Caspian Sea caviars

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